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Building an Online Marketing Presence

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15th June 2017

Here at Blast we are always looking to expand our knowledge in the online world, so recently we decided to attended a workshop called ‘Building an Online Marketing Presence for your Business’. Here we learnt some top digital marketing tips from industry experts, which included a digital marketing Google representative.

What we know

There were many aspects of marketing discussed that we already knew, but as a successful digital marketing company we know nothing should be overlooked, especially when it comes to creating the very best digital marketing strategy.

If you don’t already know, Google Analytics is a great tool that can display a lot of useful information about a website, this can include website traffic, paid search traffic (from AdWords), tracking website conversions etc. Google Analytics was the most discussed topic, we discussed how it works and how to analyse data to configure the best possible digital marketing strategy.

‘42% of B2B buyers use their phone in the business purchasing process, but only 3% of a digital marketing budget is allocated to mobile digital marketing.’ – Google

This quote was mentioned in the workshop and was taken from Google’s own statistics. This is interesting because everyone knows that mobile performance is on the increase, even in the B2B sector, yet this shows us that most businesses don’t focus on increasing mobile marketing efforts as much as they should.

What we learnt

When an online marketing expert from Google spoke at the workshop they provided us with a lot of useful information to take into consideration when creating a successful digital marketing campaign. Some of which include:

Video popularity

We knew that video was great for engaging with customers when it comes to online marketing but what we took from the workshop was how important video is becoming, especially the B2B sector. Now 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter and 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook and YouTube videos a week, this number is set to increase.

Gmail ad promotions

Gmail Ads can be set up in Google AdWords making it easier to target your email subscribers. With this form of advertising you only get charged for the cost per click, helping keep costs low. If you want to get started with Gmail promotions, check out Google’s guide.

Mobile ads

Mobile ads can be useful, if you target the right audience in the right way they have the potential to increase your brand’s visibility and overall conversion rate. However, the Google spokesman recommended not to advertise on gaming apps (unless you’re a gaming company) as these can generate a high bounce rate and spend all of the allocated ad budget.

Moving forward

This workshop was beneficial as an online marketing refresher and the team at Blast would recommend it to any aspiring digital marketer. If you are looking for professional digital marketing help, look no further than Blast Digital. Our expert team are learning and creating new strategies every day to get our clients noticed. Contact us today for more information.

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