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How to create the perfect landing page

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21st May 2018

What is a landing page and why are they used?

Any business is unlikely to become successful without generating new leads. The purpose of a landing page is to do exactly that, generate leads. It’s a web page which is created for marketing purposes to capture information via a contact form. This could be linked to your website or be a stand alone web page for a specific campaign and your potential client will be led to the landing page from another source such as an email campaign, social media post etc.

So, why should you create landing pages, and how can you create the perfect landing page?

Customised to your target audience

From your experience and knowledge, i’m sure you are aware that every customer/client is different. Creating a landing a page enables you to reach out to a certain audience or put emphasis on a campaign that you are currently running. A landing page allows you to customise a contact page to add anything you wish, rather than direct users to your general contact form on your website. This can also help you track where enquiries are coming from and what works for your target audience.


Use a catchy headline that will make the user want to stay and contact you. Try using an open question as a heading as these can generate more user engagement. Using short, catchy emotionally capturing messages using your target keywords is highly recommended. Your landing page headline will be the first thing users will see when visiting the page, so make sure you take the time to think of the message you want to get across to your specific target audience.

Design & Content

Design should be kept simple, use your logo and your brand colours to portray consistency and professionalism. Make sure the use of white space is used optimally as you don’t want too much going on the page to distract the user from enquiring.

Colours of buttons on your landing page can influence a users purchasing decision, color is one of the most studied marketing aspects that influence the psychology behind decision-making. Some top button colour examples that you should use include: Red, orange, bright blue, purple, bright pink, yellow.

Easy to read

A landing page should be easy and quick to read. The aim of a landing page is to capture information, so don’t include too much content which will take the user a long time to read. Avoid jargon and keep content simple and straight to the point.

Mobile Friendly

With over 52% of global online traffic coming through a mobile device, it is essential that your landing page can be viewed and used just as well on a mobile as on a desktop. Failing to make your landing page mobile responsive is like hanging up on 50% of your enquiries!

Use short contact forms

Have you ever left a contact form unfinished because you have been distracted? Or simply because it was too long? Don’t bore the user by having too many fields to fill in. Ask for as little information as possible, any additional information which is needed later can be taken from user when you make contact with them.

From experience we know what a user is more reluctant to submit a form if it has more than 3 fields and has a phone number field. Initially you just need to gather some information of users who are interested in your produce or service, so simply asking for their Name and email address is a good starting point to touch base, from here you can later ask the potential customer/client for their contact number if you both wish to discuss things over to phone.

Once the form is submitted, there should be a clear message to indicate that the user has submitted the form with an auto email response to say that someone will be in touch shortly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things you must consider when creating the perfect landing page for your company. We are the experts and we know what works, so if you are looking to get more online exposure, contact us today>

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