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Top 10 Tips for marketing your company online

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6th December 2016

In today’s marketplace, the internet has become the most important aspect of the whole business process. In fact, the internet is the new market place. Online presence is the most important representation of your company, but, having a presence is not enough; the only way to make that presence felt is through marketing. With that in mind, here’s our top 10 tips for marketing your company online.

Create Listings or Reviews on Online Review Sites

Use online review sites because, nowadays, everybody gets their information from the internet and review sites can make or break a business, just look at Trip Advisor and the fear it can strike to hotel owners. The best (and cheapest or free) online review sites or listings pages are Google My Business, Yelp, and Yahoo Local, and the best way to attract good reviews is to build good relationships with influential bloggers.

Use Social Media

We are living in the social media age, people connect via Facebook and Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest; if you want to market your company, having a presence in these social media sites is massively important. Creating social media profiles is a great way to introduce your company to a much bigger audience than would otherwise be possible, and an even better way of staying in their consciousness. Obviously you can offer discounts, free trials and anything else you can think of.

Hold FREE Webinars

Webinars is a new and more interesting medium to advertise or market your company. There are lots of expensive webinar software but you could go for something like Webinarignititon, which is relatively cheap. Whatever you decide, webinars are a great way to market your business.

Hire Bloggers to Spread the Word

Bloggers are today’s high rank journalists, and a successful blogger might have millions of followers, and can thus be very influential. You can try to get them to write nice things about your business by making them aware of who you are, or you can simply hire them. This could be worth its weight in gold.

Create a Newsletter

An email newsletter has the potential to reach an immense amount of people and allows you to be in constant touch with any past or potentially clients. You can fill it with news about your business, general news about the industry, or even just interesting titbits about everything and anything just to keep your brand in their minds. Send it out to your database and you can even buy leads or cold call to boost your list.

Host Live Conferences

This is not as difficult as it might seem. If you look around you can find conference halls which you can hire pretty cheap, and the setting up costs are negligible. If you are an estate agent you can invite other agents, existing landlords, potential buyers, entice them all with some finger food and drinks (you can get a local business to do it for free as promotion), and then somebody from your company can make a speech about the industry as a whole, find local leaders to explain all about their projects, and local businesses can maybe promote themselves. Then, and this is the crucial part, you film it and post it on your site, which will make your company seem bigger than it really is. Also, you can host live conferences online, via skype.

Join Other Industry Forums and Communities

Establish a presence online by joining other forums and posting comments, opinions, questions, all the time subconsciously directing people back to your own website.

Create Competitions and Exciting Offers

The clue is in the title; create competitions which will get people involved, like a photography competition where you get people to send pictures of sunset views from their holidays, or offers which will entice people onto your site, like offering a client “NO FEES FOR 2 MONTHS” if they can refer two new potential clients to you.

Partner up with Other Businesses

Use local businesses to advertise you by entering in strategic partnerships; you can go to flooring companies, building firms, cleaning services, and a whole host of other companies in order to establish mutually-beneficial relationships. And you can exchange banners with other online websites in similar industries.

Consider Sponsoring Events

Simple; go to local community businesses or projects and offer to sponsor them in exchange for simple banner space, mentions on the radio or whatever. This is never as expensive as you might think and it encourages good word-of-mouth advertising, and establishes a local presence for your business.

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