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15th June 2017
Here at Blast we are always looking to expand our knowledge in the online world, so recently we decided to attended a workshop called ‘Building an Online Marketing Presence for your Business’. Here we learnt some top digital marketing tips from industry experts, which included a digital marketing Google representative. What we know There were … Continue reading "Building an Online Marketing Presence"
15th May 2017
Graphic designers may be easy to come by but finding a great graphic designer can be more of a challenge. There are some key qualities you need to look out for when hiring or aspiring to be the very best. Here are some of our top tips that will distinguish a great graphic designer. Creativity … Continue reading "6 Qualities of a Great Graphic Designer"
24th April 2017
Being a huge success online is becoming increasingly difficult, in this day and age the demand for providing the latest technologies is skyrocketing and the constant need for companies to keep up with digital trends adds pressure to every digital strategy. We know it’s important to keep up to date with the latest digital trends, … Continue reading "4 Digital Trends that will shape your online presence"
13th February 2017
Designing the best website for your business is one of the most important things you can do to help your business, since, nowadays, most people do their research and choose services or products online. So choosing a website designer is a big decision for any company. With the plethora of design agencies out there, how … Continue reading "What to look for when choosing a Website Designer"
3rd January 2017
Wishing you all the very best for 2017! Blast Digital is now entering only its 2nd year as a trading name of Property Webmasters Ltd, but in this time we have managed to attract some very prestigious companies to our client list. We look forward to continue to support and add to this growing list in 2017! We … Continue reading "Best Wishes for 2017"
6th December 2016
In today’s marketplace, the internet has become the most important aspect of the whole business process. In fact, the internet is the new market place. Online presence is the most important representation of your company, but, having a presence is not enough; the only way to make that presence felt is through marketing. With that … Continue reading "Top 10 Tips for marketing your company online"
25th November 2016
Blast Digital will be launching our first campaign alongside Alice House Hospice(Hartlepool Hospice). Alice House is a hospice that is very close to our hearts, and we are hoping to boost the presence of the hospice as well as raising funds for the charity. We are reaching out to local companies in the Hartlepool area to run their … Continue reading "Raise money for Alice House Hospice"
24th October 2016
There are certain words which are overused in today’s business-savvy environment, but ‘branding’ is not one of them. The importance of having a professional brand cannot be overstated. The branding of your business is everything, it represents your philosophy, your reputation and your customer guarantee; in short, it’s what you should use, as a business, … Continue reading "The Importance of having a professional brand"
5th October 2016
There are many reasons to improve your website, especially if your website is a business and depends on traffic; after all, everybody knows that, nowadays, websites are good for business, and indeed some businesses are purely driven through websites. First of all, even if your website is not a business, it is still a platform … Continue reading "Reasons to improve your website"
25th July 2016
Whether you’re part of a global team or venturing solo, the benefits of having a website for your business are just the same: a 24-hours-a-day worldwide shop window facilitating the relationship between you and your potential customers. Imagine someone out and about looking on their smartphone for something in their local area that your company … Continue reading "Open your business to the world"
21st July 2016
What is a responsive website? Responsive web design is a technique in the web development industry where a website or web page will be displayed in direct response to the size of the device viewing it. Typical devices include desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and televisions. Responsive web pages also “fluidly” adjust within its viewing area … Continue reading "the importance of a responsive website"
20th July 2016
We have arrived!! it’s only fitting that we make our first news article all about us… Well here we are, we have worked vigorously to bring together creative minds, technical whizz kids and management superstars to forge what is quite simply a rockstar team right on your doorstep in Hartlepool. If you haven’t guessed already, we are … Continue reading "Blast off!"
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